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Limousine Service in Colorado Springs


If you are visiting Colorado, there’s nothing like traveling around the state on a day trip in a Limousine. Limousine service is available all around the Denver metro area as well as most parts of Colorado.

You can take a limousine service in Colorado Springs and travel around the city. Some great things to do in Colorado Springs include going to the zoo, going to the Garden of the Gods, Pike’s Peak or the Air Force Academy.

Limousine Service in Colorado Springs can take you to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in style with its famous Primate World. You can buy four treats to feed a giraffe at the Rift Valley Exhibit for a dollar, and the giraffes will lean right over the fence and eat them out of your hand.

Next have your limousine service in Colorado Springs take you to the Garden of the Gods. It's a gorgeous garden of red stone spires, red earth, and green forest. There will be a ton of other people there as Garden of the Gods is one of Colorado's premier tourist attractions. Be sure to check out the Kissing Camels, Pulpit Rock and Twin Spires.

Next, it might seem weird taking a limousine service in Colorado Springs to Pike's Peak but it is so cool. You can either drive to the top which costs nothing or take the cogwheel railroad to the summit. Once you get to the top, you can enjoy the gorgeous view that inspired the song "American the Beautiful."

At the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs you can walk around the grounds and look into the Chapel which is the Academy's center piece. During the summer there won't be many cadets around but there are still plenty of things to see.


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